It is in honour of this Saint that every year the Ardia di Sedilo race is held. This race is in memory of the battle Costantino il Grande fought and won in 312 at Ponte Milvio (Rome) against the troops of Massenzio.
According to the well known legend, a bright cross with the writing "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (under this sign you will win) appeared in the sky to Costantino before the start of the battle. The following year Costantino issued an edict which granted religious freedom to Christians and also ordered the restitution of confiscated property to their communities. For this reason he is called the first Christian emperor.
Costantino began the process of spreading Christianity.
He abolished the torture of the crucifixion in memory of Christ's death. The cross, an instrument of death became the symbol of salvation.
  Images of the Ardia
He banned the branding of deportees' foreheads, improved conditions for illegittimate people, took care of abandoned children, forbade fathers to kill or sell their children because they could not support them. He started to free people from oppression, protected families, repressed immorality and reduced the reasons for divorce. During the 25 years of his reign, he instigated many reforms. As we say nowadays he passed some very relevant social legislation. However he was guilty of a terrible crime.
Images of the Ardia   He ordered the death of his wife Fausta and his son Prisco. Perhaps he was provoked and deceived by his wife, who was Prisco's stepmother.
Let's go back to the festival. There is no historical evidence indicating when this festival first took place. We prefer to tell the most fanciful version, which is undoubtedly far from the historical truth and for this reason is nearest to the legend.
It is said that one day, in the XVI century, a rich land owner from Scano Montiferro, a small village not far from Sedilo, was captured while he was working in his fields by the Moors who made frequent raids our coasts. The Moors took the man to Costantinopoli as a slave, and they forced him to work night and day and when he fell down exhausted, they beat him in order to force him to continue working.

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