A. La Marmora - Voyage in Sardaigne. Paris - Turin 1840 A. La Marmora - Voyage in Sardaigne. Paris - Turin 1840 A. La Marmora - Voyage in Sardaigne. Paris - Turin 1840

In Sardinia there are three important festivals where one can admire all the traditional costumes from the four provinces of Sardinia. They are the "Sagra di Sant'Efisio" (Festival of Saint Efisio), which occurs in Cagliari on the 1st of May, the "Cavalcata Sarda" in Sassari on the 3rd Sunday of May and the "Sagra del Redentore" in Nuoro on the last Sunday of August.
The most important festival is the "Sagra di Sant'Efisio" because it is dedicated to Saint Efisio who is the Patron Saint of Sardinia, because it is the most ancient and because it is the most impressive procession of traditional costumes in the whole world.
Women   This procession represent a marvellous spectacle of colour, materials, handicrafts, ancient jewellery and styles of clothing. Every year thousands of men, women and children travel from all over Sardinia to Cagliari, dressed in their traditional costumes, to honour the Saint who was beheaded in the 303 AD and who is venerated by the Sardinian people because he liberated them from a terrible plague in 1657.
Many of them ride horses, others are in decorated carts hauled by oxen. The procession in which at least 5,000 people take part fills the streets of Cagliari with extraordinary costumes that not only reveal the different costumes of the ancient Sardinian people, but also the detailed features that adorn the costumes, such as various types of intricate lace work, decorations and embroidery, which are all hand-made, using skills that have been handed down from mother to daughter throughout the centuries.

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The Island of Sardinia
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