Old wine   "Semidano" is another wine from this area that also traces its origins to ancient times and nowadays both the dry and the sweet are being rediscovered and re-evaluated. This area also produces an excellent red wine, "Nieddera", which goes well with roasts and game.
Going southward we reach the home of the "Nuragus" vine which is perhaps the most ancient vine in Sardinia.
"Nuragus di Cagliari D.O.C." is a dry white wine that has become more appreciated in recent years since some vine growers' co-operatives have been producing it. The same can be said for the excellent "Malvasia di Cagliari D.O.C.".
Along the tableland of the Campidano and in the area of Sarrabus-Muravera, "Cannonau di Sardinia", a red wine is produced while the hills near the tableland of Campidano are well known for the excellent red wine "Monica di Cagliari". Finally, as the last jewels of this excursion from north to south we should consider "Carignano di Sulcis D.O.C.". Probably of ancient French origin, "Carignano" shows how Sardinian oenology has managed to combine ancient traditions and modern methods to produce this prestigious wine.
  Vernaccia di Oristano
Sweet dessert or meditation wine   Added to the list of the numerous Sardinian wines, there are many sweet dessert or "meditation" wines produced in various areas in Northern, Central and Southern Sardinia. These are usually "raisin wines" and very strong. The red "raisin wines" are "Cannonau" from Alghero, Oliena and Tortolì. The white "raisin wines" are "Vermentino" and "Nasco" from Monti and Alghero.
Sardinia produces excellent single-vine grappas from the raisin grapes of: "Cannonau" and "Nasco" in Alghero; "Vermentino" in Monti; "Moscato" and "Vermentino" in Olbia; "Malvasia" in Bosa and "Vernaccia" in Oristano.

Translators note:

In life there are few pleasures so pure as good wine. Sardinia is a small island that God has blessed with the purest, finest wine and food. For gourmets a visit to this paradise is a must.

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