From Cagliari take the SS. 131 and after Monastir take the SS. 128 to Serri. Visit the nuragic complex of S. Vittoria. Take the SP. 9 to Barumini where the most important example of the nuragic civilization can be found "Su Nuraxi" is a must for any tourist who wants to understand this great ancient civilization. Spoil yourself and lunch at one of the many local restaurants. This may well prove justification enough for your journey.

The nuragic complex of Su Nuraxi
ImageThe nuragic complex of "Su Nuraxi"
Nearby is the Giara di Gesturi (plateau of Gesturi). It is worth planning to spend at least a day visiting this spectacular natural oasis. This plateau is 500 m. above sea level and was in the past defended by a vast nuraghi which covered over 12 square kilometers. Large cork oak woods surround many ponds and wild ponies are part of the flora and fauna which includes foxes, hedgehogs, martens, jays, woodpeckers, buzzards....
Museo archeologico di Villanovaforru
ImageMuseo archeologico di Villanovaforru

Head back towards the SS. 131 "Carlo Felice" and you will reach Villanovaforru . This village has maintained its archaeological sites and is home to a Museum which houses some of the most important artifacts from the whole Marmilla area. The Museum is housed in the ex Monte Granatico a magnificent 19th century building.

The second route takes you to the north of Sardinia where you can spend the night in the fascinating Catalan enclave of Alghero. Nearby is the nuraghe Palmavera and the necropolis of Anghelu Ruiu.

Leave Alghero for Torralba. Visit the nuraghe Santu Antine, one of the most important nuraghi in this area and the Museum of Valle dei Nuraghi (Valley of the Nuraghi).
Follow the Carlo Felice as far as Abbasanta and next to the road is the majestic nuraghe Losa. A must see for any visitor.

A visit to the Santa Cristina complex near Paulilatino, 10 km. from Abbasanta, will certainly fascinate any visitor and more than repay the effort.

For further information about these fascinating archaeological treasures go to:
"Nuraghi: charm in Sardinia" and "On the trail of the ancient people in Sardinia".

Santa Cristina complex
ImageSanta Cristina complex

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