Sardinian ports - The north weast coast
Sardinian ports - The north weast coast

BOSA MARINA - 40°17'N 8°28'E
Tel. 0785375550 - VHF Ch.27

Small harbour, 100 berths, no Fuel. Very useful because of the limited number of mooring places on the west coast of Sardinia.

ALGHERO - 40° 33'N 8° 18'E
Tel. 079953174 - VHF Ch.16

One of the most important ports, over 500 berths, all mooring services. Very convenient, especially for people coming to Sardinia from the Spanish or French coasts, because it is in the centre of the city.

FERTILIA - 40° 35'N 8°17'E
Tel. 079930233

A-"porto canale" well sheltered, not far from Alghero, near the airport. No Fuel.

Tel. 079942013 - VHF Ch.9

A well equipped Marina, 300 berths, with offices of the "Circolo Nautico". All mooring services including Fuel. Well sheltered because it is behind the bay of Porto Conte.

STINTINO - 40° 57'N 8° 13'E
Tel. 079523381

This Marina is constructed from an old port and new quays, both built in the village of Stintino. 500 berths. All the most important mooring services are available.

PORTO TORRES - 40°51'N 8°24'E
Tel. 079502258 - VHF Ch.74

150 berths, inside the commercial port. Offices of the Circolo Nautico and all the essential mooring services.

CASTELSARDO - 40°54'N 8°42'E
Tel. 079470916

A small harbour, 170 berths, very sheltered, used by sailors sailing between Corsica and Sardinia. No Fuel.
Porto Conte

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