Teulada - Capo Malfatano
ImageTeulada - Capo Malfatano
  After Capo Spartivento the coast becomes more rocky and there are many small bays most of which are closed to the public because this is part of the Teulada shooting-range, a military area used for target practice. Sailors passing in these waters must pay attention to the restrictions imposed on coastal navigation and they must enquire about the distance they have to keep from the land.

After Capo Teulada, one crosses the Gulf of Palmas behind which there is the area of Sulcis Iglesiente. The economy of this area has been based on mining since the Roman Empire. Along the coast there is ample evidence of this industrial past. Nowadays the mines are almost completely abandoned. La Vacca, an island so small that it offers little or no shelter, signals that one is approaching Capo Sperone and the large island of Sant'Antioco which is linked to Sardinia by a long isthmus.
  Island of Sant'Antioco - Calasetta
ImageIsland of Sant'Antioco - Calasetta

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The Island of Sardinia
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