Alghero was the first important Sardinian tourist destination. For this reason it was called "the door" to Sardinian tourism. Today it is still the most important centre for tourists in Sardinia, and the only big town that offers year round holiday amenities. In fact, Alghero not only has beautiful beaches with clear seas and a mild climate, it also has tourist amenities that ensure tourists can enjoy themselves in every season.
Simone Manca: Alghero (watercolor 19th century)
ImageSimone Manca: Alghero (watercolor 19th century)
  Along the narrow cobbled streets of the old part of the town there are the workshops of the famous craftsmen, who work the coral of Alghero, (another name for this area is "the Coral Riviera"). From an architectural and archaeological point of view, Alghero can offer tourists many interesting places to visit. The Chiostro di San Francesco (The cloister of S.Francis), the Cathedral with its tall octagonal church tower that overlooks the town centre, the big Aragonese towers and the palace of Doria are all worth a visit.

While in Alghero, feast on authentic Spanish "paellas", lobster alla Catalana, excellent fish soups and during the winter, delicious sea urchins, which are sold by stall holders in the port. Far from the city the imposing and the austere Punta di Capo Caccia (Cape Hunt Point) is silhouetted against the last rays of the setting sun. Hidden within Capo Caccia there are the famous "Grotte di Nettuno" (Neptune's Caves) that can be reached by sea in fine weather or by land by descending the 650 steps of the "escala del cabirol" (the roe's stairway).
  Capo Caccia
ImageCapo Caccia

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