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Sa die de sa Sardigna (Sardinia Day) is the festival of the Sardinian people.

Consiglio Regionale della Sardegna (The Regional Council of Sardinia) past a law to allow this festival to be organized, and every year since the 14th September 1993, this festival has attracted thousands of visitors to Cagliari.

This festival is in commemoration of the "Vespri Sardi" (The Sardinian Vesper Insurrection), a popular revolt that took place on the 28th of April 1794 which resulted in the expulsion of the Piedmonteses and the viceroy, Balbiano from Sardinia.

The revolt was caused by the refusal of the Turin Government, to reinstate the rights of the Sardinian people.

Representatives of the Autonomous Sardinian Dominion presented the King with requests for the reinstating of the rights that had been guaranteed by treaties. When these were refused a popular revolt resulted.

This revolt marks the reawakening in the Sardinian people, after many years of domination, of a sense of their own identity, pride in themselves and a desire for autonomy and self-determination.

Sa die de sa Sardigna is a joyous festival that lets the Sardinian people forget their daily problems and feel proud of their culture and inspired by their history feel confident about their future.

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