CAGLIARI: pensi ad una città ed è una vacanza
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Cagliari - The Port

This guide is not exhaustive but there are detailed descriptions of places of interest for visitors to Cagliari and the surrounding area.

Cagliari, entry point to Sardinia for many people who come to Sardinia for their holidays. Cagliari has something to offer visitors with widely different interests.

Besides its crystal-clear sea water and one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in the Mediterranean, Cagliari offers an unspoiled natural environment consisting of lagoons, bird sanctuaries and wildlife reserves which are unique in Europe.

Besides festivals and secular sagre, which are unique for their evocative spirit and the richness of their colors, Cagliari offers museums and monuments, architecture and archaeological wonders which the different cultures that passed through or occupied Cagliari throughout its history have left behind. The Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals and the people from Byzantine, Pisa, Genoa, Aragona, Catalan, Spain and Piedmont have all left their mark on this ancient city.

Besides a cultural life rich in theatre, opera, concerts and exhibitions, Cagliari offers a gastronomy which is rich in both sea food and meat dishes which is guaranteed to satisfy and delight even the most demanding palate.

This Guide to Cagliari allows visitors to identify what interests them most so that they can enjoy their time in Cagliari.

Most of the articles come from the "Guida di Cagliari" by Antonio and Ludovica Romagnino published by Edizioni Della Torre.


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