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The church of S.Lucifero
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the church of Nostra Signora di Bonaria

A sea of buildings outside the historic center of the city make up the new neighborhoods. Starting from the heart of Villanova, these areas were developed after the Second World War, filling in available space from the eastern part of the city to the west. Elements of artistic value or scenic beauty in these areas deserve a leisurely visit.

Monuments: The church of S.Lucifero is located in the zone of the same name, along with the paleochristian Basilica of S.Saturnino, one of the oldest temples in Sardinia. The white volume of the church of Nostra Signora di Bonaria and its sanctuary is a strong element in the city's landscape. The Basilica's name is associated with a medieval legend of shipwrecks and miracles which culminated in the fortunate discovery of the image of the Virgin. In the castle of S.Michele and on the hill, where an archaeological park is being developed, history is intertwined with the tragic passions of the aristocracy that once lived there.
Museums: In the sacristy of the Bonaria sanctuary, votive offerings in the form of a collection of miniature ships and nalf paintings tell the story of sailors' faith in their patron saint. In the La Vega quarter, both the Museum of Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry, and the Museum of Geology, Paleontology, Geography house a large number of interesting finds.
Shopping and points of interest: Cagliari's active commerce finds its showplace among the pavilions of the Fiera interazionale (International Fairgrounds), open in April and May in Viale Diaz. Such manifestations as Turisport, Sardhotel, Fiera Natale (Christmas Fair), Arredamento (Furniture Fair), and Sardegna Ufficio (Office Fair) occur regularly throughout the year.

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