CAGLIARI: pensi ad una città ed è una vacanza
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Every season Cagliari, thanks to its particularly mild weather, gives the visitor the chance to discover its architecture, archaeology and monuments, its ancient history, and the chance to see the influences of the various people who have inhabited Cagliari throughout its history. (See: "The Old Town", " The Modern Town" and " Things to see").

During different periods of the year, there is also the opportunity to experience the fascination of sacred rites and popular festivals and a calendar rich in exhibitions and cultural events (see "Culture and Folklore" and " Events and Shows").

In the Spring and Summer season it is possible to enjoy the sea and the beach which are among the most beautiful in the world and to discover a natural environment that is still unspoiled.
(See: "The Sea", " Nature" and "Environs").

In these pages are information about sports facilities, shows and Shopping.


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