CAGLIARI: pensi ad una città ed è una vacanza
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S.Anna Church
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Bastione di S.Remy

There are many different routes that a tourist can follow to discover Cagliari. The route chosen will depend on how much time the visitor has, on the type of transport the visitor uses but most of all on the visitor's personal interests and preferences. For a brief tour we suggest a walk along via Roma and a visit to Castello in the historic old town, while people who are interested in art, architecture and archaeology can linger at the various sites along the route and visit the National Picture Galleries.

If you walk around the old historical quarters of the city, preferably with a good guidebook, you can easily identify the traces of the civilizations and rulers who, throughout the centuries, held sway in Cagliari. In the museums and churches one can find fascinating evidence of these influences.

Numerous open air archaeological sites and unspoiled natural environments allow unusual routes, rich in charm and beauty, between art and nature.
(For more information consult "Nature", " The Sea" and " Environs").

We think it is better to plan your own route around Cagliari, using these pages as a source of inspiration.


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