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The Basilica of Our Lady Bonaria
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The Cathedral of the Holy Mary

The Cathedral of the Holy Mary
This Cathedral was built by the Pisan in the XIII century, as a replacement for the old church dedicated to S. Cecilia. Later the style of the Cathedral was completely changed.
Inside the Cathedral is a nave and two aisles, an extra (raised) presbytery and a transept.
Among the many art works that are in Duomo are: the pulpit by Guglielmo from Pisa, paintings dating from the XV and XVI centuries and wood carvings dating from the XIV century.
If requested it is possible to visit the Capitular Museum, which houses the most important works art of the Cathedral.

The Basilica of Our Lady Bonaria.
This Church and the Sanctuary, situated on the hill of the same name, are linked with the Monastery of Mercedari Fathers.
The Sanctuary, which is the oldest of the buildings, was built by the Aragonese between 1324 and 1326. The current facade dates from 1895. Inside the Sanctuary has elegant Gothic-Aragonese structures and houses the statue of the Virgin. According to the legend, this statue was found in 1370 on the shore below the Sanctuary. It is believed that the statue was being transported on a ship that was shipwrecked in a storm at sea and that the waves carried the statue to the shore.
The building of the Church, started in 1703 and was finished in 1956. It was designed by Felice De Vincenti.

The Basilica of S. Croce.
This church was built by Gesuiti in 1661, perhaps on the site of a Synagogue, that was demolished after the banishment of the Hebrews in 1492.

The Basilica of S. Saturnino

The Basilica of S. Saturnino.
This is a Palaeochristian Church, built between the V and VI centuries, on the site where, according to legend, S. Saturnino was martyred. Recently restored, this Church is one of the most ancient cult centers in all Sardinia and it is situated in an area of great archaeological interest. There are Roman and Paleochristian Necropolis.

The Church of "Purissima"
Gerolama Rams, a noblewoman from Cagliari had this church built in 1554.

The Church of Cappuccini
This Convent Church was built in the XVI century.

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