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The Church of S. Cesello
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The Church of S. Anna

The Church of Annuziata
This Church dates from the XVII century but it was almost totally rebuilt in 800 in a neo-classical facade.

The Church of Madonna del Carmine
This Church dates from the XVI century and was totally restored after the ravages of the war.

The Church of S. Maria del Sacro Monte della Pietà.
This late Aragonese Church, dates from 1591.

The Church of S. Agostino
This Church was built in 1580. It is undergoing restoration and excavating. The gold plated wooden altars are also being restored and some important paintings will be put on show.

The Church of S. Anna
This Church was almost totally built between 1758 and 1817. It was designed by the architect Giuseppe Viana.

The Church of S. Antonio Abate
This Church was built in the XVIII century in a baroque style with a octagonal design. It has marble altars by the Tuscan sculptor Giovanni Battista Troiani.

The Church of S. Cesello
According to legend this Church was built in 1702 on the site of the martyrdom of the Saints Cesello, Camerino and Lussorio.

The Church of S. Domenico
This Church was built in 1254 by Fra Nicolò Fortiguerra da Siena and was renovated in the XV century. The old building acts as the crypt to the new church which was built in 1953.

The Church of S. Efisio.
This small Church, dates from 1780. It is situated where the Saint was imprisoned.

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