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The Church of S. Michele
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The Church of S. Michele

The Church of S. Eulalia.
This Church dates from the XV century. Recently a museum has been opened that houses the treasures of S. Eulalia.

The Church of S. Francesco di Paola
This one room Church dates from the XVII century.

The Church of S. Giacomo
This Church existed before 1300. It was enlarged and, between 1438 and 1442, a square towered campanile was added. The Church's neo-classical facade is by Gaetano Cima (1838).

The Church of S. Giovanni
The current rectangular building, dates from the XVII century.

The Church of S. Lucifero
This Church was built by the Municipality of Cagliari between 1646 and 1682,on the site of a pre-existing temple. This is where the body of the Sardinian Prelate had been found.

The Church of S. Mauro
This underground Church, has a barrel vault and lateral chapels, which were renovated in the XVII and XVIII centuries.

The Church of S. Michele
This Church is part of one of the largest architectural sites built by the Jesuits in the middle of the XVII century in a Spanish Baroque style.

The Church of S. Restituta
This XVI century Church, has six lateral chapels.

The Church of S. Rosalia
This Church and the convent were built in 1741 by the Piedmonts architect Giuseppe Viana.

The Church of S. Sepolcro
This historic Church houses many precious sacred artifacts and works of art.

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