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The Citadel of Museums

The Citadel of Museums (Museum)
The Citadel of Museums houses (holds) the University Institutes of Antiquity, Archaeology, Art and Sardinian studies, a large meeting room (the so called "Sala Verde" (Green Room), The National Archaeological Museum, The National Picture Gallery, The Cardu Siamese Museum and the Collection of anatomical waxes, by Clemente Susini, which belongs to the University.
Crossing the Doric order door, an exact copy of the "Porta del Popolo" in Roma, which was designed by Lord D. Carlo Boyl, one can walk along the numerous multileveled walk ways. One can follow the gallery, looking down on the chasms below and admire an almost 360 view of Cagliari.

National Archaeological Museum
(tel.070/655911) Visiting Hours: 9.00-19.30 (closed on Monday)
This Museum houses a rich patrimony of objects and other archaeological artifacts, among which there are many pieces of a very high quality. The different ancient cultures of Sardinia can be recognized in sequence from ceramics, small pre-nuragic statues, copper ingots, small bronzes, nuragic ceramics, carvings, ceramics and artifacts from the Phoenician tombs, stele (one of the most important collections in the world) and a marvelous Punic jewelry. Of particular interest are the artifacts from the Necropolis of Nora and Tuvixeddu (Punic-made and imported objects from Greece Italy and Spain). There is an important collection of ceramics, pottery, glass, Roman statues and sarchopagi and gold jewelry from the High Middle Ages.

The National Picture Gallery
(tel.070 674054) Visiting Hours: 8.30-19.30 (during the summer season also from 20.30 until 23.30
The National Picture Gallery has a small collection of contemporary art and sculpture and also paintings, effigies, sacred artifacts and pictures. The "retable" represent the most interesting part of this collection because they offer the best view of Sardinian paintings, from the time of the introduction of the Catalano-Valenzano style up to the time of the paintings from Cavaro's studio and the "The Stampace school".

The Cardu Siamese Museum
This Museum is also situated in the Citadel of Museums
This Museum consist of 1.300 objects among which are coins, ivory and silver artifacts, pottery and weapons from Siam, Laos, Celebes, Giava, Malacca, Singapore and China.

The Collection of waxes
(tel.070 664783) Visiting Hours: 9.00-13.00 / 17.00-21.00 Monday/Friday.
This is the latest addition to the Citadel of Museums. This collection consists of 23 anatomic waxes, by the Florentine sculptor Clemente Susini. These sectional models which were made from plaster casts for anatomical study, reproduce in minutest detail the parts of the human body. They are made from different colored waxes, resin, tallow, pitch and balsams.

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