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Cagliari does not yet have optimum sporting amenities. However there are 2 stadiums, a sports center, swimming pools, sports fields, tennis courts and also a roller-skating rink, all in the area of Monte Mixi. There are also sports facilities in other parts of the city.
Tourists have little chance of using the available sport facilities because many of them ask for an annual or monthly enrolment fee. Among the exceptions are: sailing and windsurfing courses at Marina Piccola and tennis on the courts which are not "member only" clubs. It is more difficult to gain access to the swimming pools where a membership card is required or to play around at the exclusive Is Molas golf club near Pula. The same can be said for the numerous gyms some of them of a very high level- which can be found all over town and in hinterland. It is very easy to rent a bicycle (in the area in front of the Mediterraneo Hotel in V.le Diaz) or go jogging along Poetto beach as well as along the paths in Monte Urpino.

Is Molas golf club

One should not forget horse riding. Some of these stables near Cagliari organize rides in the countryside. This rides vary in length from 2 hours to 2 days. For example, S'Ebba stables (Capoterra) organizes horse trekking trips to Monte Arcosu, which is a WWF reserve (Tel. +39 070721277).
Sardinia's unspoiled landscape can best be appreciated by going Trekking. For organized treks or information, contact CAI in Cagliari (tel. +39 070667877). On the 1st of November every year CAI organizes the traditional "Passillara de Maidopis" (Walk in Maidopis), which is a long trek through Mediterranean Scrub which covers the mountains of Sette Fratelli.


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