The gulf ends at Capo Bellavista, which is situated soon after the port of Arbatax on whose wharfs large "mural seascapes" similar to those of large oceanic ports can be clearly seen. The shadows that fall on the sea from the red cliffs that hug the left wharf at the entrance of the port, are very picturesque especially at sunset. Arbatax is also the terminus for the small trains that run over the mountains to Lanusei and Arzana.
  Small steam train
ImageSmall steam train
Barisardo - Tower of Barì
ImageBarisardo - Tower of Barì
  Do not be afraid of getting lost in Arbatax's narrow side streets. Follow the smell of food in order to find the right restaurant to taste a fried seafood platter or the classic "porchetto" (suckling pig) roasted as the shepherds do.
After Capo Bellavista the coast of Ogliastra suddenly seems to soften and presents large bays with fine grained sandy beaches such as the beaches of Orri and Tortolì. At Tortolì the imposing Tower of Barì, clearly of Aragonese architecture, can be seen. These constructions are very frequent along the coast of Sardinia. They were built by the Spanish during their 4 centuries of domination that has left a deep impression both in the customs and in the language of Sardinian people.
Having spoken about gastronomy we would like to give some advice to gourmets. Before leaving this area you should try some of the local fish specialities such as the delicious mullet's eggs, called "bottarga" (in the Sardinian language) and the fresh fish of the fish farms among which the eels, bass, dory and the tasty mussels are the most famous.
Sailing southward, especially when driven along by the North-North West winds under the protection of Monte Ferru (which is very long but only 875 metres high) provides the opportunity for a relaxing day close to the shore to enjoy the transparency of these waters. In Marina di Gairo there is the white beach of Su Sirboni, (which means wild boar in the Sardinian language) that is enclosed by two cliffs of red rocks, in the cracks of which delicious sea urchins can be found. We strongly advise a visit to this beach. This stretch of coast is not easy to reach from the land and it is little frequented by boats and fishermen. The nearest inhabited centre that has a port (which is nearing completion) is Villaputzu.

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