The highest part of Capo Carbonara overlooks the whole coast which is characterised by pink granite rocks. In front of it rises the island of Cavoli, whose name derives from the Cagliari dialect for crabs. This is an unavoidable destination for all the boats which pass because of the transparency of its sea and the beauty of its sea beds. This granite based island, is very interesting not only for the big lighthouse, but also for its vegetation and most of all for the fauna that includes the corso sea gull (which is a protected species), the Sardinian warbler and the sandpiper.
Capo Carbonara represents a natural buoy for people who, sailing around Sardinia, decide to enter Golfo degli Angeli (in the middle of which there is Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia) or for those travelling in the opposite direction. The windy Capo Carbonara has been a silent witness to many shipwrecks in the course of the centuries. Many roman ships have been found and identified on its sea beds. Local divers have set near the Isola dei Cavoli, at a depth of 10 metres, the "Madonna del Naufrago", that is a trackyte statue by the sculptor Pinuccio Sciola. As it can be seen without entering the water it has become a popular destination for people interested in the sea.
  Villasimius - Fortezza vecchia
ImageVillasimius - Fortezza vecchia
Villasimius - Il porto
ImageVillasimius - Il porto
  Rounding Capo Carbonara the port of Villasimius comes into sight. This port, which was recently finished, is able to offer shelter and the most important mooring services. This village, sleepy and lazy during the winter, seems to wake up suddenly during the summer when the tourists stream in. They are attracted to this area by its excellent hotels and the wonderful sea mentioned above. The heart of the village is, of course, the urban centre that, in the warm evening hours, is crowded and its handicraft shops and boutiques attract the tourists.

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The Island of Sardinia
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