You can sail near the coast towards Cagliari without danger but keep a look out for nets and other boats. You pass well known seaside localities such as Capo Boi, Solanas, Torre delle Stelle and Capitana, where another recent tourist port, offers modern and efficient services.
Then the long beach of Poetto (8 kilometres of fine grained sand) seems to announce your arrival in Cagliari, the final destination of this, our second tour
  Capo Boi
ImageCapo Boi
Cagliari - Poetto
ImageCagliari - Poetto
  The capital of Sardinia, built on a small hill (on the top of which there is the mediaeval city with its towers of San Pancrazio and dell'Elefante), has developed in the direction of the sea with its modern quarter and its commercial port, which is one of the most important in the Mediterranean. The city, perhaps of Phoenician origin but surely Carthaginian, is also the main political, economic and cultural centre of Sardinia. Cagliari, with its adjacent centres of Quartu, Pirri, Monserrato and Selargius houses almost a third of the population of the island.
The seafront on which the best shops are placed is beautiful and elegant, and besides the shopping it is the "sitting room" of the city and therefore it is the main meeting point for all the inhabitants.

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The Island of Sardinia
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