In Costa Smeralda, during the summer, there are many skilled cooks who run riot with shellfish and sea food salads, "pasta alla bottarga" (tuna or mullet eggs), "carpaccio di spigola o di pesce spada" (thinly sliced raw bass or swordfish). These cooks are also eager to revive traditional recipes from the Gallura area and the Sardinian heartland. One such example is "suppa quata", a famous soup from Gallura. This soup was originally cooked by the shepherds and farmers in Gallura. Each village had its own recipe and its own way of preparing the soup. The basic ingredients of "suppa quata" are: durum wheat bread, beef broth, 3 day old pecorino (a sheep's milk cheese) and grated mature pecorino. Alternating layers of bread and cheese were put in a casserole dish, the beef broth and chopped parsley were added and the soup was cooked in an oven.
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Among the dishes from Gallura which should be mentioned for its originality is "li ciusoni". "Li ciusoni" are home made, thumb sized dumplings made from sardinian wheat. They are served with a tomato and meat sauce called "ghisaddu" (in the local language). The same sauce is used for the fresh cheese or ricotta "ravioli" which are eaten on special occasions. The cuisine from Gallura reflects the farming and shepherding traditions of the area. Cattle, sheep, goats and pigs which feed on Mediterranean shrubs give this region an abundant source of fresh meats. Roasting is the traditional way of cooking meat. Both spit roasting and roasting in wood-burning ovens is still the most common way of cooking meat. Boiled meat and stews with tomatoes or artichokes and thistles are also popular.
Sardinian food   The woods and fields of Gallura are famous for the wide range of mushrooms that can be found there. The excellent ovule, different varieties of "porcini" (boletus), honey mushrooms and the precious "dittula" or "cauliflower mushrooms" which belong to the "ramaria family" can all be found in the area of Gallura. The "dittula" mushroom is both delicious and rare and is the main ingredient in some interesting and elaborate recipes.
The villages of Oschiri, Berchidda and Monti are in the area of Gallura. They are within the boundaries of Sardinia's most famous white wine region, the region of "Vermentino di Gallura DOCG". Oschiri is famous for "panadas" which are pies made from pasta and stuffed with minced pork or lamb, or beef and pork or eels from the nearby lake of Coghinas. The cheeses from Gallura are mostly cheeses made from cows milk but there are excellent mature "pecorini" (sheep milk cheeses) and ricottas which are used to stuff "ravioli" and cakes.
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