Barbagia is also home to one of the most ancient Sardinian wines, "Canonau", which is a strong red wine that comes from vineyards at the foot of the dolomitic mountains in Oliena or Dorgali and from the valleys in Ogliastra. The Ogliastra cuisine is very interesting for its uncommon "ravioli" which are made in the shape of a pouch stuffed with mashed potatoes, onion, cheese and mint, and also for its cold meats and salami among which there are the famous mountain hams.
While in Barbagia it is worth mentioning two of the most special Sardinian sweets: "s'aranzada" from Nuoro, which is made of orange candied peel with honey and almonds and the "pompia" the wild citron candied peel with honey.
  Sardinian food
From the province of Nuoro the tour goes towards the province of Oristano, where the traditional cuisine is based on a mix of sea foods, fish, agriculture and animal husbandry. In the province of Oristano there are many "stagni" (salt water ponds) so there is a tradition of both pond and open sea fishing.
Sardinian food   From the ponds surrounding the village of Cabras, come the famous yellow amber-coloured mullet "bottarghe" (fish eggs) also in great demand are the pickled mullets known as "merca di muggine". The mullets from the pond, after a having been boiled in salted water, are wrapt in fen grass which preserves them for several days and gives them a pleasant smell.
The small mullets are marinated raw or lightly smoked using the aromatic brushwood from the pond.
The ponds surrounding Oristano teem with eels and there are cooked in many interesting ways. For example stewed with white wine and raisins, or baked with "pecorino". Another important local dish is "succu" a dish from the village of Busachi. It is made from long home-made pasta which is cooked in meat broth and then fresh, sour, saffron flavoured pecorino cheese is added. The province of Oristano has as its prestige symbol one of the most ancient and interesting Sardinian wines - "Vernaccia di Oristano D.O.C". It is a dry wine which can be amber-yellow or golden yellow colour depending on its age and reminds one of the best "Jerez" Sherry.
  Sardinian food

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