From Gallura we go to the neighbouring Anglona in the province of Sassari. Anglona is known for its special tomatoes and peppers and the coastal resorts are known for there excellent fish-soups. In Porto Torres, a very important maritime centre since the Roman age, the cuisine is mostly based on sea food. The preparation of shellfish and fish cooked in a pan with potatoes is very popular.
In Porto Torres and Sassari, which is the capital of the region, there is a delicious recipe for cooking the reproductive organs of tuna, called in the local language "lattume" or "lattante". It is briefly boiled and then breaded and fried. The traditional cuisine from Sassari is famous for its recipes for snails. They are delicious and are served in several ways; in spicy tomato sauce, cooked in olive oil, garlic and parsley, cooked in a pan and roasted.
  Sardinian food
The small slugs, which in the local language are called "monzette" are roasted in the same type of pan that is used to roast chestnuts, barbecued or cooked in a pan with olive oil, bread crumbs, parsley and garlic. In Sassari there are also home-made pastas seasoned with fresh tomatoes, basil and lots of dry smoked ricotta. A wide range of interesting sea food recipes can be found in Alghero. Having maintained strong links to its Hispano-Catalan past Alghero is the most "Spanish" of all Sardinian towns, is home to numerous natural and architectural treasures, and is where tourism in Sardinia started.
Sardinian food   In Alghero sea food cooking excels in the preparation of various kinds of shellfish, cooked in imaginative ways. Some examples; "aragosta agli agrumi" (lobster with citrus), "aragosta all'algherese" (in salad with raw tomatoes and onions), lobster with ricotta and the more simple "aragosta alla catalana". In Alghero the bottarga (fish eggs) of tuna and mullet are used not only in sauces for first courses, which are usually pasta, but also served as antipasti (appetisers) with prawns or sea truffle or thinly-sliced raw fish on a bed of lettuce with slivers of pecorino (sheep's cheese).

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The Island of Sardinia
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