Sheep blood pudding   Sheep blood pudding, which is considered the most ancient dishes in the world, is still made in Barbargia for festivals or for the sheep shearing at the end of the Spring. Sheep's blood flavoured with herbs and flavoured with grated cheese and mixed with entrails is poured into a sheep's stomach as if it was a container. The stomach is then sewn with a needle and thread and is cooked in boiled water or roasted over an open fire until it becomes semi-solid. This dish, known as "zurrette" is not far from corresponding traditional " haggis" from the Scottish "highlands".
Roasted meats, which the Barbagia cuisine is famous for, such as sucking-pigs, lambs, kid goats and calves all from wild breading, are usually roasted over and open wood fire, using aromatic woods and the Mediterranean shrubs. The numerous cheeses made in Barbagia are rich in the smell and taste of the Mediterranean shrubs, from the traditional "pecorini semicotti" and mature pecorini to the modern "caprini alla francese", so called because of the techniques used in their production.
  Roasted meats
Su tataliu   Other excellent dishes to be mentioned from Barbagia are: "su filindeu", which is a soup, eaten at festivals, containing an unusual elaborated home-made pasta, in meat broth with little chunks of Sardinian sour pecorino; "su tataliu" which is a kebab of lamb and kid goat entrails probably of Etruscan origin and fricasseed lamb and kid goat meat.

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