The sea food in Alghero is well accompanied and complimented by the white wines from along the Alghero coast, especially "Torbato", a dry white wine and "Vermentino di Sardegna".
Going southwards from Alghero, there are two regions, Logudoro and Meilogu, which are famous for their pastas, delicious meats, cheeses and cakes.
Sardinian sweets   In Logudoro and Meilogu, the local cuisine boasts home-made pastas with local specialities such as the so called "raviolone" which is a sort of layer salted strudel. There are delicious breads such as "spianate" and famous sweets like the "sospiri" (delicious small balls of almond dough stuffed with almonds which have a sugary citrus flavour) from Ozieri, "torrone di noci" (nut nougat) and "torrone di mandorle non tostate" (unroasted almond nougat) from Pattada.
From the pastures in Logudoro, and the numerous and super modern dairies which are spread over the country, come the widest range of cheeses of various sizes, kinds and taste, from fresh "pecorini" to mature cheeses which are eaten sliced or grated, the most famous of which surely is the "pecorino romano".
From Logudoro we travel to Planargia, with its vineyards from which the famous "Malvasia" wine is produced, and its traditional cuisine which is based both farm produce, meat and sea food. In Bosa, which is the capital of Planargia, there is the cult for "Malvasia". In fact "Malvasia" is among the most interesting Italian meditation and conversation wines, it is served at the end of a meal, accompanying almond desserts and fruit, while its "demi-sec sparkling" variety makes an excellent aperitif.
  Sardinian sweets
On the other side of Planargia, in the mountain region in the heart of the Island, there is "Barbagia" which has an antique culinary tradition, rich in charm and tastes. Barbagia is the famous for "pane frattau" (a first course made from "carasau" bread, broth, tomato sauce, one poached egg and grated Sardinian pecorino cheese), the wild vegetables soups such as the so called "s'erbuzzu" from Gavoi, vegetable soups made with goat and sheep's milk curd. Nowadays, in Barbagia, "sa merka" is still made, which is the curd of goat and sheep's milk that in the ancient Roman cuisine was called "melka". "Sa merka" is used to prepare the above mentioned soup or is eaten with tomatoes salads during the Summer.

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