CAGLIARI: pensi ad una città ed è una vacanza
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 Introduction - Poetto beach - Tourist ports - The coast

From the Sella del Diavolo (Saddle of Devil), along the coast road (Viale Poetto) one can go to Quartu by car or by bus.

People in Cagliari usually use the bus stops to indicate the different parts of Poetto beach. The "First Stop" is known as an area where people who like sport congregate. In the nearby little port of Marina Piccola there are yachts, motor boats and sailing boats, sailing and windsurfing courses are organized, sailboards and motorboats can be rented and there are frequent regatta. Marina Piccola boasts one of the best restaurants and ice cream parlors in Sardinia. In the summer months Marina Piccola is very popular and during the evenings many people go there to eat an ice cream or to go for a walk. The "Fourth" bus stop is the favorite haunt for young people and for this reason it is very noise. On the contrary, the next stop, opposite the Marino Hospital is more quite. A Spanish tower that was built as a coastal defense characterizes this stretch of the beach. Another similar but more recent tower is situated further up the beach in Quartu. This tower, which has almost been submerged by the sea, has fallen on its side and represents what remains of a defense and look out post from the second world war.

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