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The old Municipal Building
Tuvixeddu Necropolis
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The Viper's Cave (La Grotta della Vipera)

The Public Gardens
In 1819, Giacomo Pes, viceroy of Villamarina, ordered the first walls to be built next to the gun powder magazine, to hold a Public Garden. In the years that followed the Garden was enlarged and Colonel Carlo Boyl donated plants and busts. After 1839 the Garden was further modified.

The Viper's Cave (La Grotta della Vipera)
The cave's name derives from the emblem of two crossed snakes carved on the front of the cave. This temple shaped monument is carved into a rock. It was dedicated to a Roman matron named Atilia Pomptilla, who prayed to the Gods to let her die instead of her husband Cassio Filippo, who was exiled in Sardinia by Nerone.

The old Municipal Building
The old Municipal Building is in Piazza Palazzo. The building dates from the XVIII century and was probably built on a Pisan structure. Before it was restored, this building was the seat of the Military Stamento in XVI century. Then it became the communal administration building until 1906, the year in which the new Municipal Building in via Roma.

The Necropolis is situated on a hill in front of the sea. The hill hides graves that are between 6-7 meters deep. The graves are still intact despite looting and mining of the tuff that throughout the centuries was utilized for house building. Of particular importance are two painted late Punic graves from the IV / III century AD.

Botanical Garden
This Garden was founded in XVIII century and was originally built between 1762 and 1769 in the eastern part of the city. In 1851 thanks to the Professor of Natural Science, Giovanni Meloni Baille, the Botanical Garden was moved to its current site, which is app. 10 acres in size.

S. Giovanni di Dio Hospital
This building, dating from 1844, was designed by Gaetano Cima, who wanted it to be an imposing neo-classical style building. He was so successful that the building was considered in that period one of the most important buildings in Europe.

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